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Sharne Tam

 Welcome Beloveds!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself,

As I have many tools in my Medicine Belt!

*Pivot to Thrive ~ Intuitive Soul Coach 

*Qualified Clinical Aromatherapist & Myrrhophore

*Health Intuitive

*Workshop Facilitator


*Creatrix of The Magical Sea Witch Body Bath & Soul Products

and so much more! 

My Pivot to Thrive Soul Coaching Sessions can be conducted by video link (Zoom etc) or over the phone.

Just message me and we can organise a session.

My passion for essential oils, herbs, and crystals started many, moons ago in my early twenties. My own personal healing journey has taken me down many different therapy paths which have enabled me to compassionately empower my clients to also heal and grow, to live abundantly, HEAL Themselves and be able to move forward and THRIVE.


The key is to learn how to PIVOT.

I have been Coaching now for about ten years, even when I was doing readings for over the past 30 years an element of my readings always contained some intuitive coaching. Intuitive coaching is the best of both worlds, part reading (My Higher Self connects with your Higher Self) which gives you the crystal clear insight from your Soul needed for the coaching element of the sessions.


Myrrhophores are an ancient and secret group of women who work with sacred oils for the highest good of everyone.

The Myrrhophore tradition grew from ‘celestial medicine’ that was practised in the temples of ancient Egypt. It was a complex but powerful form of healing.

Myrrhophores, also known as myrrh bearers or mistresses of the oils, were priestesses skilled in helping people who were approaching death; they also gave healing when necessary. Their primary healing work was to realign people with their true soul essence and to heal the wounds in the soul caused by events not only in this life but also in previous lives. As their name implies, they used oils to do this. 

The most famous myrrhophore was Mary Magdalene, and the Bible contains many instances of both her work and that of her sister myrrhophores, especially during the crucifixion.

Myrrhophores are still healer priestesses in one form or another and are well practised in energy medicine. They use their inner vision (Higher Self) to read energy fields, as well as to assess the core energetic system of their clients, so as to heal and make whole the spirit and soul.

Sacred Oils connect us to the energy of the Sacred Feminine Divine.



Aromatherapy products for your Body, Mind & Soul.

I have been intuitively making products most of my adult life. In my early twenties as a professional makeup artist, I grew frustrated with all the chemicals in products and that's when I started experimenting and making my own products for myself, family & friends.

 I created my first and most loved product called Smudge Spray from the need to use in the Crystal store I was working in at the time. As we couldn't use the traditional Smudge Stick in the shop due to shopping centre regulations not allowing us to have a naked flame. Also, so many people like myself react badly to any form of smoke! I then went on to do my Clinical Aromatherapy degree, it's now been over thirty years since I got my qualification and since then I have experimented and created hundreds of products including individual Personal Prescription blends for my clients.

I started teaching a range of Aromatherapy workshops about 15 years ago, to empower people to be able to make their own products at home to live a cleaner, chemical-free (as much as possible) cheaper, easier and healthier life for themselves and their family & friends. As face to face workshops are now not always possible, I have converted them all to an online format so that you can learn in the comfort of your own home, and at your own pace. And being able to ask me questions along the way.


                                     It's time to THRIVE. 

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