Does the thought of waking up Monday morning (or any workday morning!) fill you will dread.

Do you have that sinking feeling in your stomach when you think about your workplace?

Love what you do, but not where you do it?

How do we keep ourselves happy at work, and keep our colleagues and staff satisfaction high as well?

I really enjoyed an old article from the Wall Street Journal, thinking happy thoughts at work, and it got me thinking about my coaching & mentoring practice. The term ‘Happiness Coaching’ was what I was all about. So, I have put together some tips to help you beat the workplace blues.

1. Learn some relaxation and calming techniques.

You can take ten deep breaths: counting to four as you inhale and to four again as you exhale.

Concentrate for a minute or two on relaxing the muscles in your shoulders and your jaw.

If you are allowed to use headphones or while you are on a break listen to some calming nature tracks. Ocean & surf sounds are my favourite.

Do a quick visualization session. You just have to close your eyes for 10 seconds and visualize yourself in your favourite beach or rainforest setting. For me its Hawaii, swimming in the clear blue water with a green sea turtle.

2. Turn off all the sounds on your technology.

The "ding" noise alerting you to every new ("URGENT!") e-mail actually is a trigger for your anxiety. Be brave and turn off your notifications. Be really brave and turn off your phone.Trust me. Turn it off for an afternoon, a day—or even commit to a weekend without it! -you will feel the difference.

3.Control your surroundings.

There are simple ways you can improve even the most sterile and miserable working conditions: putting a nice living plant in your cubicle, a shiny crystal, personalizing your pens and stationary, (Typo, Kikki K & Smiggle stores are great for stationary addicts!) One or two personal photos (a recent study say that looking at pictures of loved ones reduces pain), Keeping a clean desk will also help you feel less overwhelmed. I'm not going to say anything further on that. If you've ever seen my desk, you’d know why.

4. Be in the right head space.

No doubt you're behind at work and feel like no matter how much you get done the day before, you always begin the next day at the foot of a mountain. You may very well have more work than is humanly possible for one person to accomplish. This "Attention Zones Model" was developed by Rand Stagen of the Stagen's Leadership Academy, who maintains that during our day, we are in one of four zones: a reactive zone, a proactive zone, a distracted zone, or a waste zone. The goal is to stay out of the distracted and waste zones: responding to unimportant calls and emails or killing time by surfing the web, etc. Explains Goldstein: "The cultivation of mindful awareness allows you to non-judgmentally name what is happening right now, and turn your attention to your top priorities in the moment."

5.Talk it out with a Mentor, Coach or friend.

My clients often tell me how helpful it is to vent to me about all their insecurities, fears, resentments, and confusion. He helps them lay them all out, analyse them, sort them, and then put them back together in proper order. As I can offer the objective view that you need in that moment. And because I knows your history and personality quirks, (after a couple of sessions) you can better guide me toward a decision or plan.

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